/Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Guided by Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act 2005,  Proc & Logistix Consult Ltd comes up with Short Term Courses aimed at addressing specific challenges facing the public procurement system. The 2-4 day programs are tailored to ensure compliance and build capacity of persons and institutions involved in public procurement.

“This program presents innovative strategies and best practices for improving supply chain perfomarnce in both Public and Private Sector”

Every training is tailored to deliver an output of trainees that will improve the effectiveness and efficiency in their organisations.

Participants gain a deeper understanding of supply chain integration, technology sourcing, make-buy decisions, strategic partnering and outsourcing, warehousing and distribution management, inventory and decision-support systems.

Target group

The courses offered at various levels targets Chief Executive Officers, County Government Chief Officers, Finance and Planning Directors, Accounting Officers, Senior and Middle level Managers in Supply Chain Management, Committee Members in procurement process, Logistics Officers, Production Officers, Material Handling officers, Suppliers, Operation Managers and Administrators in procurement and supply chain, Transport Officers among others.

Organisations targeted include: Ministries, State Corporations, County governments, Saccos, NGO’s, and Private companies

Ask for In-house Training

We always welcome the opportunity to work more closely with our clients and in-house training is one of those times where we can show you another level of skill and expertise in helping you to achieve individual, team and business objectives. 

The training will be developed in partnership with you ensuring your expectations are exceeded with the option of additional follow up training and coaching sessions to ensure the learning has been fully applied into your business.