High-pressure cutthroat organizations spend 50% more on health care for their employees than organizations with a more positive, supportive environment because 80% of workplace accidents and doctor visits are attributed to stress.
Cutthroat organizations are actually less productive because they experience significantly lower levels of employee engagement. Organizations with high numbers of disengaged employees have 40% lower earnings per share, are 18% less productive, and have 50% higher turnover.

At PLC Training we provide SOCIAL LIFE SKILLS program  helps organisations and individuals in matters  relating to trauma debriefing, stress management, drug addictions ,organization resilience and work-life balance conflict management and change management.

HIV/AIDS prevention strategies, effective behavioral interventions, and other training  are available on request and occasionally to learning institutions as part of our CSR projects.

 Achieving effective work-life balance is a juggling act that requires planning, flexibility, resourcefulness and occasional support.  PLC Training can help you conduct a TNA ( Training Needs Assessment) for your employees to help explore best training strategies that will improve  challenging situations in your organisation. We provide consultation on work-life issues such as:

  • Caregiver Issues
  • Family and Significant Relationships
  • Financial Stress
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
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