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Leadership & Performance Management

      “Great managers aren’t born; they’re made

Few people thrive when thrown in to a management role, but many new managers need help communicating effectively with employees, giving feedback and taking on a leadership role.

Great performance management also includes ongoing, two-way dialogue with your employees about expectations, priorities and performance. It aims to develop your employees, ensure their success and maximize their contributions to the organization.

Benefits of performance management training

Research has revealed that more than half of the most important drivers of employee engagement and performance are related to effective performance management skills, including setting clear goals, providing regular feedback and supporting employee development. Managers who are effective at employee performance management produce better business results, including:

50% less staff turnover

10 to 30% higher customer satisfaction ratings

40% higher employee commitment ratings

200% higher net profits

Keys to success

Proc & Logistix Consult Ltd can help your managers get the training and support they need to effectively lead their teams. We  have resources that help your managers build a strong, trusting relationship with employees that will not only help individual performance, but also contribute to the success of your company.

Target Group

Supervisors, Team Leaders, Divisional Managers, Branch Managers and CEOs will find the ‘Leadership Skills’ workshop addresses the areas of Leadership most critical to the success of the Leader, the team and the organisation in Government departments, Private companies, NGO’s and Saccos