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Customer Service

“The quality of your customer service will never exceed the quality of the people providing it”

In many ways, the support industry is in the midst of a renaissance. Customer service as a specialty is coming into its own, offering companies a competitive advantage that’s difficult to copy.

With the evolution of the role comes the need for a growing set of skills. A talented customer service professional is leagues beyond the stereotypical call center employee of old, and the gap will only get wider. The breadth of skills needed to succeed means “support unicorns” now exist — this is no longer a entry-level, leapfrog position, but an opportunity to build a sustainable career with its own fulfilling trajectory.

Target Audience

This course is ideal for any organisation seeking to improve customer service and customer care. The majority of delegates attending our customer services courses are in customer facing or customer support roles, who want to develop their customer service skills and behaviors.

PLC is experienced at providing bespoke training courses in customer services, as well as longer term programmes to meet specific organisation goals and service standards. Our customer service training is always aligned to the most frequent method of communication used to connect with your customers e.g. face to face, telephone, email, social media e.t.c

These include civil servants, parastatals, corporates, NGO’s, Saccos, banking institutions, telecom, insurance companies, hospitals, retail merchants e.t.c